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Muve – Donating to Royal Flying Doctor Service

muve – Newest innovative local ridesharing company generously strives for the betterment of the communities in which it operates through its offerings to its drivers and riders, as well as supporting the causes that matter most to Australians.

Recently Muve, met the CEO of Royal Flying Doctors Service, Victoria , Scott Chapmen, during which a donation from Muve was handed over. Continue reading

Pay a maximum of $5 a day or LESS and no charge for simply being online. Earnings more than $50 per day, muve charges only $5, Earnings less than $50 per day, muve charges only 10%.

Allow us to introduce muve, an Australian reimagining of the rideshare industry with a focus on the betterment of conditions for drivers. The muve team works tirelessly around the clock to find ways to stimulate employment in the local area, keep corporate income within our shores and to better uphold Australian values and community spirit. The muve app is a testament to this. Our state-of-the-art app will give drivers, as well as riders, the best possible user experience.

Unlike other rideshare companies, muves business model and core strategies have been purposely designed and crafted with the driver in mind. Through our feasibility studies, we have successfully found a happy medium which can more than satisfy, and sustain, everybody involved in the business. This will help assure long-term job security as well as helping drivers to once again earn the industry rates and ensure that what they take home is stable and dependable. Continue reading

I’m Supporting – The more you ride, the more we give!

When it comes to social responsibility, muve is in a league of its own. muve strives for the betterment of the communities in which it operates through its offerings to its drivers and riders, as well as supporting the causes that matter most to Australians. The recently implemented, innovative ‘I’m Supporting’ feature in the muve Rider App is a testament to this endeavour.

The team at muve are passionate about the welfare of the local community – donating the first 10% of its share of each trip to charitable organisations that address important issues in Australian society. The ‘I’m Supporting’ feature enables riders to elect this portion of their muve trips to go towards one of four philanthropic cause categories. Each of these categories are represented by one of muves inspiring partner not-for-profit (NFP) organisations. Continue reading

$5 Daily Driver commission CEILING is guaranteed for 5 years, means you take home all you Earn !

We are muve, a new movement to change the direction of the ridesharing industry in Australia with specific focus on the betterment of drivers. The muve app is the product of a team of Aussies researching around the clock to find ways to keep flow circulating within the country, decrease unemployment and protect our values. The state-of-the-art app consists of the necessary features that drivers and riders seek similar to, if not better than, what’s in the current market. Continue reading

Launching of the muve Rider App

Muve is built around the core value ‘always give more’, to give more back to riders, drivers and the community.  muve Rider App launched recently along with a lot of integrated features to provide a superior service to the users. This Easy To Use great looking app will facilitate numerous options with more affordable rides and the new mini car for a smarter/cheaper choice.

Enjoy more reliable Rides with the Innovative Ridesharing Company in Australia. Download muve app and enjoy it on your iPhone or any Android Device.

Muve is there to provide you the best ridesharing services for any occasion within Brisbane with the intention of covering the whole of Australia in the near future. Continue reading

Community Support of muve

Muve stands ahead among other Ridesharing Companies in Australia, serving and giving more to the Community. Be a part of this valuable foundation while connecting with this Local Ridesharing Company. Discover the Community Support & Charity services rendered by muve Rideshare Australia from the official website. Register with us to be a part of this valuable community minded service.

“The more you ride the more we give” promises community support where it’s needed the most through services of muve Rideshare. Associating and collaborating with many Supporting organisations, muve strives to support advancing health, preventing and relieving sickness, poverty & the homeless, causes related to women & children and also animal welfare. Continue reading