$5 Daily Driver commission CEILING is guaranteed for 5 years, means you take home all you Earn !

We are muve, a new movement to change the direction of the ridesharing industry in Australia with specific focus on the betterment of drivers. The muve app is the product of a team of Aussies researching around the clock to find ways to keep flow circulating within the country, decrease unemployment and protect our values. The state-of-the-art app consists of the necessary features that drivers and riders seek similar to, if not better than, what’s in the current market.

Unlike other ridesharing companies, the strategies and business model of muve are designed and crafted with drivers in mind. We have done all feasibility studies and found the figure that can sustain everyone in the business. The figure that keeps drivers, as well as riders, happy; helps drivers earn the industry standards again; assures long term job security and ensures that their take home is worthwhile.

muve is designed to offer all drivers in Australia a 10% driver commission with a $5 ceiling per day, with a guarantee for next 5 years. Even after 5 years, we intend to increase the ’Consumer Price Index (CPI)’ only.  This $5 will be put to good use towards system maintenance, bug fixes, R&D and new feature developments, etc.