Pay a maximum of $5 a day or LESS and no charge for simply being online. Earnings more than $50 per day, muve charges only $5, Earnings less than $50 per day, muve charges only 10%.

Allow us to introduce muve, an Australian reimagining of the rideshare industry with a focus on the betterment of conditions for drivers. The muve team works tirelessly around the clock to find ways to stimulate employment in the local area, keep corporate income within our shores and to better uphold Australian values and community spirit. The muve app is a testament to this. Our state-of-the-art app will give drivers, as well as riders, the best possible user experience.

Unlike other rideshare companies, muves business model and core strategies have been purposely designed and crafted with the driver in mind. Through our feasibility studies, we have successfully found a happy medium which can more than satisfy, and sustain, everybody involved in the business. This will help assure long-term job security as well as helping drivers to once again earn the industry rates and ensure that what they take home is stable and dependable.

muve is currently offering all drivers in Australia a guaranteed 10% driver commission, with a daily $5 ceiling, for the next five years. This means that drivers will pay muve a flat $5 fee after earning over $50 in one day. Even after the five years, our only adjustment will be that of the ‘Consumer Price Index’ (CPI). This $5 will be well spent on general system maintenance and R&D, in order to keep the users experience as comfortable as possible!

Drivers are eligible for this 5-year guarantee after completing 10 jobs with muve and continue to complete a minimum of 10 jobs a month, or 120 jobs a year. This $5 fee, however, does exclude a 2% + 30 cent transaction fee per trip, as imposed by credit card agencies – not muve.

So get muving and start earning!!