Introducing muve

 Media Release

 7 June 2018

 Introducing ‘muve’ – the New Aussie Rideshare Company with a Social Conscience


muve is a new Australian-owned and operated rideshare company, conceived around its core value of ‘always give more’. This Brisbane-based company introduces an exciting value proposition for the Australian rideshare market, put into practice through its offerings to its passengers, drivers and the local community. muve provides passengers with the most affordable fares, pays its drivers the highest rate in the industry and gives 10% of its share of each trip to a selection of inspiring Australian charitable organisations.

muve offers its passengers the most affordable rates in the Australian rideshare market. No surge pricing means that no matter the time of day, passengers will be charged a flat fee – instead of increased prices due to high driver demand. A new muve ‘Mini’ option, a smaller four-door car, has been introduced to the market as a more affordable vehicle category compared to the standard options of competitors. The ‘Mini’ provides passengers with more choice and flexibility to suit their rideshare needs.

For drivers, muve charges a maximum fee of $5 per day from driver earnings. This fee structure offers drivers a 10% commission with a $5 ceiling per day, meaning that after earning $50 in a day, muve drivers will not be charged any additional fees by muve other than the $5. If the daily driver earnings are less than $50, then muve will only charge 10%. A new tipping feature has also been integrated into the platform, giving passengers the option of tipping their drivers and further increasing the potential earnings of the driver.

Passengers are able to choose a partner not-for-profit organisation (NFP) they wish the portion of their trips to go towards. Each NFP targets one of four cause categories. The partner NFPs are Oaktree Australia, for ‘Poverty and Inequality’, Australian Animal Rescue, for ‘Environment and Animal Welfare’, White Ribbon Australia, for ‘Women and Children’, and beyondblue and the Royal Flying Doctor Service for the ‘Health’ category.

Following a soft launch in late January, the company has expanded rapidly and now operates in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, with further plans to expand into Cairns and Melbourne in the coming weeks and across the rest of Australia later this year. Through its offerings to the passengers, the drivers and the Australian community, every ride with muve truly does serve a purpose.


Media Enquiries should be directed to:
Michael Sartain
Chief Marketing Officer